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The American Flag Project© a National Get Out the Vote effort... for EVERYONE!

The American Flag is now a non-profit organization and is building another website to exclusively support their mission. They can easily accept your donations there. THANKS!


Winning! Millions of votes.
There is a way to affect the vote of millions of Americans, Blacks, Hispanics,  Republicans and EVEN Democrats!
A little known study in 2009 by Professors Travis J. Carter, University of Chicago; Melissa J. Ferguson, Cornell University  and Ran R. Hassin, Hebrew University; shows the effect  ..."A Single Exposure to the American Flag Shifts Support Toward Republicanism up to 8 Months Later".
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Selma, Alabama 1965
         Hundreds of American Flags
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Selma, Alabama 2014
     No American Flags
We're talking Millions of Votes here!

 Supporters and developers of The American Flag Project© believe an American Flag distribution program    can and will promote Patriotism and Voter Participation in local, state and national elections.
The Program includes a basic American Flag Etiquette and a non-partisan Voter Values Card will be delivered with each free American Flag.

CWA's American Flag Research Page is dedicated to the same objectives as our Capitalist Library. We will provide books, videos, YouTubes, links, and a continuous resource for those seeking information about Our American Flag. It's History, it's respect and promotion will occur here, unabashedly! 

Here are some American Flag stories and videos you may not have seen lately.

Some Little known details of Francis Scott Key's job that night.

The upcoming Star Spangled Sunday website. This year is the 200th Anniversary of Francis Scott Keys beautiful contribution of our National Anthem. The Star Spangled Sunday YouTube is here and tells a shorter version of the end of The War of 1812.

Robin Williams' Flag Video
a must see 5 minutes and 6 seconds...may he Rest in Peace.
This performance was  in 1982 and part of Norman Lear's 2 hour TV special "I Love Liberty".
Robins "...I haven't been getting out much lately. I guess it isn't very sheik to put up the flag anymore."
captures the sentiment or ailment we seek to cure. He continues
"...I'm just a flag, a symbol; you're the People. If I may say so from here (my heart), Long may you wave."

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance to Flag of the United States of America

This 'Long-Term Effects...'
Report links to the study, also the 28 page Full Report PDF is linked here.You may want to print a hard copy before it disappears.

In Press Psychological Science   
A Single Exposure to the American Flag
Shifts Support Toward Republicanism up to 8 Months

Travis J. Carter
University of Chicago  
Melissa J. Ferguson
Cornell University  
Ran R. Hassin
Hebrew University  

Author Note
Travis J. Carter, Center for Decision Research, University of Chicago Booth School of
Business; Melissa J. Ferguson, Department of Psychology, Cornell University; Ran R. Hassin,
Department of Psychology and the Center for the Study of Rationality, Hebrew University.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Travis J. Carter, Center for
Decision Research, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, C74 Harper Center, 
The ultimate chaos of democracies in world history was well known by the authors of our Constitution. And, thanks to writers, printers and distributors of The Federalist Papers, We the People were extremely well informed of this critical information.

The study title uses the word Republicanism, which I believe is one of the most subtle and important words / values in our domestic battle to take back our country. One of the most profound statements made by our founders was made by
Ben Franklin. A lady, Mrs. Tyler, asked Dr. Franklin "Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy?"
His response,"A republic, if you can keep it.”

  The research on the American Flag's influence voters begins at Fox News' Colby Hochmuth's July 20, 2011 report:

Here are  a couple highlights from the study: "A single exposure to a small American flag during deliberation about voting intentions prior to a general election led to significant and robust changes in participants' voting intentions, voting behavior, and political attitudes, all in the politically conservative direction," the study reads.
And "'s findings argued that attending July 4 parades are more beneficial to the Republican Party -- they boost turnout of GOP voters, increase Republican patriotism and turn kids into Republicans."

Image result for selma 2014
         Selma 2014 American Flags

"When they can vote themselves is time to move on." Lazarus Long

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