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"Capitalism is relatively new in human history. Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving your fellow man."
This is the most profound  statement concerning capitalism I have discovered, for or against!  LKW
We look to coordinate with Tea Parties, 912 groups and other Conservative,  Free Market, Free Enterprising, Capitalism and Prosperity seeking organizations Nationwide. 

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We are endeavoring to accumulate the most comprehensive Capitalist's Library on the internet. Almost everything here can be downloaded for free and used to inform and persuade.  We also hope you will consider buying some our CWA merchandise at our Online Store and at

Free to Choose
Milton and Rose Friedman, 1979
The Ten Part PBS (yep PBS) Series is the cheapest,
best way to learn about Capitalism and the Freedoms
we have to Choose...until the Liberals / Communists take over.
This series are at the courtesy of another Good Blog, The Rio Norte Line.
Thanks Rio Norte Line. ps If The Rio Norte Line doesn't ring a bell, reread Atlas Shrugged.
Better still buy it on our Online store.Thanks

Commerce is Real
In this video, recorded at and by Georgetown University, U2's Bono ( aka ) the keynote speaker, spoke of commerce and capitalism. See and hear for your self.
The entire video is invaluable but Bono's speech begins at 14:31.
On August 15, 2013, I blogged on this site and others, the following:
Bono just did more FOR capitalism in 100 seconds than
the Left has done AGAINST capitalism in 100 years.

Economics 101 The Principles of Free Market Capitalism
Hillsdale College's Ten Part online course taught by professor Dr. Gary Wolfram.
Hillsdale College, puts its mouth where it's money marvelous online courses.
They also offer a series of Constitution and American Heritage courses, free online.We will link them soon...with their blessing.

Economics of Liberty

Dr. Walter E. Williams' speech "The Entrepreneur As American Hero" is here in part. We are seeking  the entire speech and everything Dr. Williams has published...this is only a start.

President Ronald Reagan's GE Tours

Ronald Reagan stands out as a savior of American Capitalism.* He honed his skills in
what he called "My post graduate education in political science" and I would add, economics. This tiny intro hopes to lead to access and reproduction of some, if not all of those at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. If you can help with this endeavor, please Contact us.
*The Carter Administration tried, like the Obama Admistration, to kill American Capitalism. He didn't succeed.

Harlem Barbershop Lesson
This video is one of the most moving and if true* encouraging demonstration of black warriors out there.
*I have not confirmed the actors / not actors issue yet...this will go away when I have.

Job Creation Network/ Videos
What a wonderful new and totally current site with You Tubes (videos), posters and even Kitchen Table Economics. It is focused on E2E or Employer to Employee communication of major issues such as taxes, health care and economics. 
I wished I had thought of that first. I did. See our Education is four years old now. But JCN has a budget; we have an wallet...empty at the moment.  Thanks JCN.

FreedomWorks University
Just a few minutes ago -noon, 12/20/2013- FreedomWorks announced their free University with Degrees in Political Economy and Activism. I have barely looked at it. More later...
Philanthropy is often considered the Greedy Rich's salve for guilt. I don't. However, this YouTube may be one of the very best example of capital -found or earned- I have seen. God Bless Miles Eckert.


1. It is our plan to safely store all these reources off-line in some secure fashion. Until then, we   suggest you down load to a DVD, flash drive or other off-line storage device.
2. Please use these resources, download, copy or use online at this site. Many of the materials
   are copy right and in other ways protected. Please respect these Property of the three sides of the Triangle of Capitalism... Rule of Law and Free Markets are the other two.     

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