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                      Capitalism is under Assault Worldwide!
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Americans have lost Our language!        
       Capitalism = Imperialism                                                           
       Capitalism = Greed                       
       Capitalism = Racism                     
       Capitalism = Colonialism               
       Capitalism = For the Rich              
      Socialism  = Equal Rights
       Socialism  = For the People
       Socialism  = For the Workers
       Socialism  = For the Poor
       Socialism  = Social Justice

Our Objectives are:
      Help Re-Educate Americans about Capitalism
      Help Revitalize American Capitalism
      Help American Capitalist Regain Their Pride
      Help American Capitalism Defeat Socialism

Capitalist Workers of America® UNITE

   Pilgrims, who came to America on The Mayflower and struggled to establish Plymouth Plantation, did not know they were about to found a whole new class of Citizen...Free Men and Women!

 Freedom as stated in our Declaration of Independence "We hold these Truths to be self- evident , that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"1
"...Pursuit of Happiness" is the Free Enterprise and Capitalism part.
    George Carver, the first Governor and Pilgrim leader of Plymouth Plantation, tried COMMUNE-ISM. Settlers died because there was not enough "capital" - Stored Resources (food and firewood) to make it through that first winter! 
Extra Rewards for Producers: When Plymouth Plantation, under Governor William Bradford,   changed to CAPITALISM, all thrived.2
Free Enterprise and Capitalist Workers were the natural results of a group of morally-driven Immigrants seeking religious freedom in a tiny settlement on the edge of more than 9.5 million square miles of (the new) North America.   
    No King, No Aristocracy, No Ruling Class,  No Tyrannical Religious or Political Power had yet to tarnish this great land. It took more than 160 years for the European Immigrants to realize Kings and Tyrants more than 3,000 miles away (England, France, Germany and Spain) were unable to easily enforce their
tyrannical rules.

In recent years, as early as 1903, Politicians and Elites of the Progressive Movement began an Assault on Capitalism. This assault has never been more  intense or more dangerous than it is today! Led by President Barrack Hussein Obama and the Statist Media and personified by Class Warfare and Huge Takeovers of American Industries;
this Assault must be stopped.
The founder of Capitalist Workers of America® is a "Serial Entrepreneur®" and has developed this site and movement to help re-educate and inspire Americans to revive the understanding of this country's unique blessings of Our Free Enterprise System and Capitalism.

Historical publications, First Resource materials, educational materials are available free in limited quantities. Tee Shirts, banners, hats and patriot ware to help support Capitalist Workers of America®.com are available from our  ONLINE STORE. 3

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1.Thomas Jefferson (and friends) Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

2. William Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1657, pp146-147.
3. We are Capitalists, after all.

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